About Irish Tenor Banjo Notes

Welcome to IrishTenorBanjoNotes.com !

This is an amateur website dedicated to providing free notes, and audio files for Irish traditional tunes, mainly Polkas, Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes. Some well known Ballads are also included to spice things up. These notes can, in fact apply to any instrument not just the banjo. However the form they’ve been written in will be structured for the banjo/mandolin and the audio files will be recorded on the Irish tenor banjo

This is a simple project, working to make different platforms of Irish music easily accessible to the learner. On each tune you will find an audio clip, and notes

If possible, these notes will be in Handwritten, abc notation AND stave format.

This project was created in the hopes that the combination of these learning platforms rolled into one space can enable an enthusiast to progress as far as their willpower allows them. Still a bit confused? Click on the ‘Let Me Explain’ page in the menu. 

Any feedback comments are more than welcomed, the aim is to upload at least one new tune a week, so stay posted


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