Let Me Explain

This page will give a very basic introductory as to what you will see on this site.

Where Are The Notes?

On a four stringed banjo tuned to the key of D, the notes will be placed as so. On the left hand side you will see the four strings labelled from bottom to top as E, A, D and G.

This is viewed as if someone is holding the instrument in front of you. When you see my Handwritten notes,  follow the letters to the finger placement on the fret board.

These few notes are all you will need to play MOST Irish tunes. Simple!

What Is Abc Notation?

Abc notation is a simplified computer form of writing music so that certain applications can play the song back to you, generally speaking, a capital letter is a regular note and a lower case letter is a high note.

I’d recommend downloading some form of abc software.

What Is Stave Notation?

Stave notation, is more used in classical music. It consists of a series of 5 lines with symbols representing the note and pitch to be played, this is only provided to supply people with another learning platform. You won’t necessarily need to read this to play Irish music.