Off To California

A  very nice hornpipe, commonly known so it’s easy to play with others

DEFG FGBA| GEDG Bdge| defg fgde| dBGA BAGE| DEFG FGBA| GEDG Bdge| defg fgde| dBGA GEFG:|
gfeg fedf| edef edBd| gfgd edBG| ABAG E2 DEF| GFGB AGED| GBdg e2 def| gfgd edBG| AGEFG2:|


3 thoughts on “Off To California

  1. Donal says:

    Thanks, I look forward to playing this at the Sessuin on Monday

    1. Neill Kelly says:

      no problem Donal, another tune to your repertoire

  2. Lori says:

    I discovered your internet site from Google and also I have to say it
    was a great locate. Thanks!


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